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Hi Scott!

I came across your website and am interested in learning more about the different options and jobs available in Toronto that will allow me to earn residual income. What are some of the ways I can earn residual income in Toronto and how can your services help me?

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Hi Maria,

Thank you for your inquiry, I would love to offer some guidance on how to develop a residual based income in Toronto, or anywhere in the world. That is one of the best parts of earning a residual source of income, with a cell phone and a laptop you can work from almost anywhere.

We here at Harness Your Magic are committed to freeing people from financial pain by helping them build a passive or residual source of income. The vehicle we've found that works best in creating this type of freedom is network marketing.

The residual income that can be earned from a successful network marketing business is directly proportional to what you put into it. However, unlike a typical 9 - 5 job where you're trading time for money, you're earning money residually on work you've already done. Think of a singer who's still earning royalties on their hit song from the 90's.

Here's where it really gets exciting. Your income is not just based on your efforts, you're building a team. You're harnessing the power of your entire team, and earning a percentage of all the sales that happen within your team. So if you have a heart of service, the fastest way to grow your team as well as your income, is to help your team succeed. As our company's third highest income earner Jimmy Smith puts it "Network Marketing is democracy in it's finest form".

Now in answer to how we here at Harness Your Magic can help you to build the residual source of income you desire, I'd invite you to email me. We could set up a time to chat further about your goals and share with you more about Isagenix, the amazing network marketing company we proudly belong to. You may also find further insight by checking out some of our other blogs. The beauty of network marketing is you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

This invitation is open to Maria or anyone reading this blog and interested in learning more about the incredible freedom a residual based income can bring. I can be reached at or by submitting the form below.


Scott Dietrich

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